We cover four common major nasty illnesses for our near death plan:


Not all cancers are equal, so we can only payout if it’s one which is not so easily treatable and is likely to have a bigger impact on your life, therefore we can only payout for cancer that has progressed to prognostic stage 2 or equivalent on TNM classification.

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Serious Heart Attack

A heart attack which leads to a permanent reduction in your heart’s effectiveness (Measured by an ejection fraction of 45% or below at least one month after the attack).

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Serious Stroke

A stroke which leaves you with permanent disability or impairment to your nervous system (Measured as a level 2 or above on the Modified Rankin Scale at least one month after the stroke).

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Multiple Sclerosis

MS which results in persisting clinical impairment of motor or sensory function (Supported by findings of objective evidence on MRI).

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