There's a few opinions on this... you might go to heaven or hell, it might just be eternal blackness, or it might be the point at which you find out life is just an elaborate fabrication, a bit like the Matrix. Honestly, that's not for us to say.

What we can tell you is that anyone can start the claims process by either emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on 0116 350 0134.

We will ask them a few questions and then pass them onto our insurers who will take it from there. Provided all is in order (and you haven't faked your own death or anything like that), then the payout will go to your executor/next of kin.

If you have a will, then your payout will go to the executors/(s) who will distribute it as specified in your will,

If there is no will, then intestacy laws apply, and the payout goes to the administrator who will distribute according to the law. For more info on intestacy see

If you have created some deathwishes alongside your plan then the details of these will be given to whoever receives the payout as guidance on how you wanted the payout to be used, but the final decision is up to them.

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