We've tried to keep our plan terms and conditions down to an absolute minimum, we don't want people thinking that they're insured, but then watching down from heaven (or up from hell, we accept all sorts) as their family realise there was a piece of small print which meant they weren't.

If you've been accepted for a plan, then the only things that would mean you don't get your payout if you die are as follows:

  1. Your death is caused by suicide (we will review this clause every 12 months and remove it where we can, we'll keep you updated on this)

  2. You die whilst on active military duty (including reserve / voluntary services)

  3. You deliberately lie or withhold information from us at any time

  4. You die whilst doing anything on our DeadHappy list of extremely dangerous things:

a) Diving
So that’s the water variety (not football), and specifically related to being 20m below the surface

b) Flying
If you are just a regular fare paying passenger, other than being dead, you’ll be fine. Any other flying is a problem.

c) Racing
Anything with an engine, or anything on an ocean. Stuff like pigeons, and anything with an egg and a spoon are all OK.

d) Climbing
Specifically up mountains, cliff-faces, rocks, and big buildings. Bed’s are not a problem, bunk-beds are the ones to watch.

e) Jumping
From anything you don’t own, buildings, antennas, span (bridges), and earth (cliffs). It’s pretty base-ic.

f) Floating
The clue is usually in the name, so anything with rapid or wild in it is bad news, and try to avoid the Dead Sea.

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