If you have a DeadHappy plan in place, then most of the important (and truly personal) stuff can be viewed in your account / happy place. This includes:

  • Plan details, including start and end dates, etc.

  • Account details, including email, address, name, payment details etc.

  • The cut of your jib, i.e. the answers to the questions we asked you when you signed up

  • Deathwishes, what you want to happen when you die and the total payout your legal next of kin would get

There will be some other stuff we hold on you such as when you visited the website and what you did which is not in your happy place.

If you do not have a DeadHappy plan in place, and you haven't opted in to marketing or created an account then we only hold your information for 36 months from your last interaction, after which point we delete anything that is personally identifiable (so even we won't know who you were).

For more information on this see here

If, after reading all this, you're still keen to get a download of everything we have, then email us at [email protected] and we'll hook you up.

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