Here's some things we believe:

  1. Life insurance is important

  2. Most life insurance companies are dull, expensive, lack integrity, and make things overly complicated

  3. Death is tragic, sad, devastating, divisive, reconciling, inevitable, funny, and many other things all at the same time

  4. Death is something people avoid talking about, thinking about or planning for at all costs

We exist to address all of these things at once. We do believe life insurance is important, and we think it's bizarre that most life insurance companies will sell you a policy without every mentioning the 'D-WORD'. Death is a human inevitability, and we think it's much healthier to talk about it and plan for it than never to even think about it. We also think that a bit of humour thrown in can make an uncomfortable topic much more palatable.

So there you have it, we want to make life insurance much more straight-forward and simple, and would rather have a bit of fun doing it. That's not for everyone perhaps, but some of you will like it.

And we are a proper company, we have a fair bit of experience running financial services business between us, and we have relationships with sizable and established insurance firms which sit behind our plans. If you're still worried, then start a conversation with us, we'll be delighted to chat with you about all of this stuff.

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