Deathwishes are our way of helping you to work out what you want to happen when you die.

Every DeadHappy account or plan will start with at least 1 deathwish - the 'cash payout' deathwish. If you don't have much imagination, or just want to keep things simple, then this is what you will use.

If you haven't yet set up a plan, you have complete flexibility in adding, deleting, and modifying deathwishes. So you can add others alongside the 'cash payout' deathwish, reduce it, or remove it altogether.

If you do have a plan set-up, then your deathwish amounts are fixed (for now... we're working on changing this), but you can change the name / description / beneficiaries, etc.

We hope that's clear, but probably best to play around with it and see what happens. You can always chat with us if you get stuck.

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