Our maximum payout is currently £350k. If you want an insurance plan for more than this, unfortunately, we can't currently help you. We are planning on increasing this in the future though, so perhaps bear us in mind for next time.

If you are desperate to become DeadHappy now though, here's a few tips for you:

  1. If you have a significant other (or perhaps more than one, we won't judge) in your life, you could always persuade them to take out a DeadHappy plan too and increase your family's total payout.

  2. Not all deathwishes need to have a value attached to them, and we'll soon be adding the ability to create deathwishes without a monetary value. Things like 'I want my wife to become a nun' don't necessarily need funding with life insurance and will soon become possible (disclaimer: we can't guarantee that this will actually happen if you do die)

  3. As you're such a high roller, perhaps you should think about buying your own island, flying round the world in a balloon or funding research into commercial space travel

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